Posted on: September 27, 2011 12:29 am
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Wayne Rooney does Zumba!

I thought some of these classes real big now like Insanity, P90X, some of these very cardiovascular exercises might help in Soccer agiltiy, guess what? Top scorer at this time in the Premier League Wayne Rooney does Zumba.  At times, I really love Zumba, lots of fun. The article also says?? Hmmn, belly dancing too, well, as a matter of fact, men can do belly dancing as well, it obviously comes off a little different but Zumba, the right Zumba can be a lot of fun.

Other news!! Who are the most bitter rivals in England? Liverpool and Manchester United? I can't say, I don't think one can say one rivalry is bigger than another but I do know Millwall and West Ham are big rivals, heck, Millwall, I believe there slogan is something like "Nobody likes us, we don't care" or "Everyone hates us, we don't care", something like this but you've got to have a chuckle, poor Avram Grant, he could not get that West Ham team to work last year and there seemed to be a shortage of good managers around. Anyway, it's just a shirt but hey, kind of funny. Of course, to the uniniated, West Ham got relegated. Still, West Ham is looking good this year.

Championship League is exciting, West Ham would like to get in on one of the automatic promotion spots meaning 2nd or 1st. As it is, they are in the playoff positions. I always think sending one team out of four up is exciting but rather hard on the teams that fail themselves as Cardiff City and Nottingham Forest have in I believe at least 2 straight years. 

Lastly, Blackburn was once a formidable team, man, it seems they have gone down the tubes lately but I read in that same Indian newspaper from above, come internationals weekend, weekend after this, Blackburn is going to have a mini tour of India and will play a game there on October 7th. There bosses are from India. Maybe it will give them a good kick in the rump. Could it effect this weekend's game with Man City? Man City will probably still blitz 'em good.

Posted on: May 7, 2011 12:02 pm
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Zumba vs. Soccer

Often the slower guy does goalkeeping in a soccer pick up game. Well, that is not of much help. Or even the nice guy does the goalkeeping, the less assertive and aggressive and so that turned out to be me in goal often.  But a cardio workout is what a fun game of soccer is about, Zumba's fun, some other cardio classes absolutely exhaust you in a good way. I started taking that Zumba right away..... I have now taken Zumba to where such a class does not wear me out but at first it did, I've got accustomed to the Zumba now. bicycling is fun but doesn't really tire one out too much unless you really really go after it.  There is a lot out there, the Yoga, Zumba.... and these other classes...... Zumba, get into it or the other classes..... running is good but not the same... Yoga, that's a handful...

Zumba is obviously a word a lot like Samba which seems to originate from Brazil, the "Samba Boys", Brazil's national team. Even then, I've stepped up in health by not even needing to grab the water bottle doing an hour of Zumba. I liked Zumba right away.....women in it, yes, but looks like I am now doing the more difficult cardio now, run in place, hit the floor and do a push up, get up real quick, do a jumping jack or run in place and then, hit the floor to do another push up, continue, do that for awhile. Hard stuff.

Zumba is a great stepping stone, you see ads for it on TV. But nice to have some freeweights involved this is what the other classes have and perhaps they are close to being "boot camps", tons of fun.


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