Posted on: September 27, 2011 12:29 am
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Wayne Rooney does Zumba!

I thought some of these classes real big now like Insanity, P90X, some of these very cardiovascular exercises might help in Soccer agiltiy, guess what? Top scorer at this time in the Premier League Wayne Rooney does Zumba.  At times, I really love Zumba, lots of fun. The article also says?? Hmmn, belly dancing too, well, as a matter of fact, men can do belly dancing as well, it obviously comes off a little different but Zumba, the right Zumba can be a lot of fun.

Other news!! Who are the most bitter rivals in England? Liverpool and Manchester United? I can't say, I don't think one can say one rivalry is bigger than another but I do know Millwall and West Ham are big rivals, heck, Millwall, I believe there slogan is something like "Nobody likes us, we don't care" or "Everyone hates us, we don't care", something like this but you've got to have a chuckle, poor Avram Grant, he could not get that West Ham team to work last year and there seemed to be a shortage of good managers around. Anyway, it's just a shirt but hey, kind of funny. Of course, to the uniniated, West Ham got relegated. Still, West Ham is looking good this year.

Championship League is exciting, West Ham would like to get in on one of the automatic promotion spots meaning 2nd or 1st. As it is, they are in the playoff positions. I always think sending one team out of four up is exciting but rather hard on the teams that fail themselves as Cardiff City and Nottingham Forest have in I believe at least 2 straight years. 

Lastly, Blackburn was once a formidable team, man, it seems they have gone down the tubes lately but I read in that same Indian newspaper from above, come internationals weekend, weekend after this, Blackburn is going to have a mini tour of India and will play a game there on October 7th. There bosses are from India. Maybe it will give them a good kick in the rump. Could it effect this weekend's game with Man City? Man City will probably still blitz 'em good.

Posted on: September 19, 2011 11:21 am
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Premier League: Only MUFC is really consistent

How unpredictable the PL is, first off, Torres had a bad miss on goal vs. Man Utd. BUT I've now seen those kinds of misses enough as in the case of Iwelumo for Scotland vs. Norway that it does not phase me. Big misses when players are right on top of each other and making split second decisions are not rare and it looks easier on a camera looking at it from a distance. Manchester City, undefeated as well are doing "okay", it's hard to put too much importance on their draw with Fulham.

Liverpool had a real bad loss at the end of last year, now we see another and when clubs are defeated as Liverpool or Stoke City too were Sunday by 4-0 scores, you don't know how much faith to have in a team. The fans have been clamoring for Steve Bruce's sacking at Sunderland but yesterday's show at the Stadium of Light surely will cinch his tenure there for a good period more. I would post the order of teams in the standings but perhaps a look at the table is really what is needed. You have 5 teams on 7 points alone, 6th-10th place makes Everton, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Queen's Park Rangers and Wolverhampton, 4 teams at 5 points, 2 at 4 points, 3 teams at 3 points. It's difficult to sift out one truly bad team while Arsenal indeed as the worst goal differential by 3 more goals at 8 than the next closest team. Newcastle remaining in 4th and undefeated serves as an example that underlines the possibility of anything able to happen in this year's PL especially when over their last 2 games, both draws against Queen's Park there and Aston Villa there where they were made underdogs by most pundits.

West Brom is anchoring the table now, they certainly need to do an about face but before this waterloo against Swansea were still doing fair.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 2:26 am

Barton, The new teams, other PL notes....

Have to say a few things, Joey Barton is a good football player but not only has he done his wrong in the past, I'm reading over at the West Ham forum ( www.KUMB.com KUMB meaning Knees Up Mother Brown) that Barton is going nuts on Twitter. Can't have that kind of stuff.

Today, the 3 newly promoted teams, Norwich, the Canaries, Swansea, the Swans and Queen's Park Rangers all won, all of them won!

What a topsy turvy day in the EPL, Arsenal losing to last place Blackburn? It's the end of the world as we know it, No, not quite. I remember a few years ago when Blackburn had Darren Bentley, Brad Friedel and Robbie Savage, they indeed had a competitive team that could take Arsenal on as well as a number of the other "big" clubs. But since letting Allardyce go, Blackburn has been a total hodge podge of a team.


 Now to Sunday's games, some great action, Sunderland host Stoke City, Black Cats host the Potters....as I've said before, the Sunderland football forum www.readytogo.net has a bunch of good lads. I wonder if it is in the air for Sunderland to hold Stoke City to a draw. I'm sort of leaning that way now.

 And how about Liverpool playing at White Hart Lane vs. the Spurs? I predicted a draw in the forum, Redknapp often gets his teams in gear when they need a performance but after losing last week, I'd think the Reds should be back up to the task as well. Liverpool is now in 6th place. I think we will see the Reds win. Of course, of the big teams, I do tend to like Liverpool over the others.

Chelsea at Man Utd. I'll stick by Chelsea. There coach is only 33 years old. Hard to think CFC at this point at least, can handle the Red Devils but we will see.

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Posted on: September 11, 2011 9:40 pm

What can stop Man Utd. from winning another title

It certainly looks like Manchester Utd. is on form to win another Premier League title and I don't see who can take it from them, perhaps Manchester City will. Are we actually looking at a Premier League with a BIG TWO nowadays?? And not a Big 4 as was the case for so long??? After Utd's destruction of Arsenal, if I were Chelsea, I'd be quaking in my boots, another London team to Old Trafford next weekend? Eh?? And on top of that, is ABC National TV going to be carrying it??

All that said, I would think as the year progresses, there will be some teams that can play Manchester United closely though I think they are looking like the new Barcelona, Barcelona drawing yesterday. United look very formidable but how can we forget Liverpool upending them this past spring? So, I think between Stoke City, Liverpool, Chelsea possibly at a later date, we may well see United challenged and I do believe we actually saw Tottenham play Man Utd. competitively in the first game of the season.

Man City? Maybe...it is a good thing they got Sergio Arguero from Argentina who is doing very well, 2nd leading scorer in the league.
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Really got carried away... AGAIN, PL

2 of 5 teams will drop, 40% of the teams fighting against Relegation, yet, one more W-win by any of these teams during the year and they wuld have been much more comfortable.

Blackburn and Wolves at 40 points, play against each other Sunday, all the games at the same time.

Wigan plays away against Stoke City and Potters manager Tony Pulis promises Stoke City will play at their best. Until Stoke City's recent losses to Man City, they've been on a roll, they defeated Bolton at Bolton 5-0, beat Arsenal 3-1 and beat some other team 3-0. Stoke City has NOT lost at home in 9 games I heard.

Stoke City have played enough time in the Championship so I honestly don't think they will just hand Wigan a win.

Birmingham, they've dropped two bloody times in the last few years, Brum plays at White Hart Lane vs. the Spurs. If you did not know it, there is a bit of a scandal going on with the Blues right now about some players going out and drinking days, heck I don't know, maybe it was even the night before they met Fulham but they LOST. Hey, Fulham is good, Mark Hughes is a fine coach but you can't lose like they did at home like that. Here's the story:


FURIOUS Birmingham boss Alex McLeish blasted his partying stars for hitting the town days before their relegation crunch at Spurs.

McLeish feels they made an 'error of judgment' with some first-teamers out until 4am after the club's annual awards night on Monday.


Of course, Birmingham has a tough task since Spurs will be playing for the 5th place spot in the league, trying to finish ahead of Liverpool who are playing Aston Villa.

Just a quick note, I have to cheer on Blackpool, it'd be great to see them stay up in the PL and I'd rather see none of those teams go down. Blackpool probably has the most difficult feat, that to defeat Manchester United.


It's all set up for to avoid relegation insists Holloway

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But one year when Chelsea won the title, Birmingham did defeat them and we remember West Ham defeating Man Utd.

So, key here, a draw between Blackburn and Wolves at the Molineux won't be all that helpful to these teams if two of the other teams of the 3, Wigan, Blackpool and Birmingham win. I see a lot of people chalking off Blackpool against Man Utd. We will see. As I said, any of these 5 teams if they had won one extra game, would not be worrying about this situation and a few of these teams are neck in neck in the goal differential category.

We potentially could see Birmingham, Carling Cup winners win, Wigan win and Blackpool win. Then one would still go down if either Blackburn or Wolves win their game against each other. If Blackburn and Wolves were to draw and the other 3 all won, Wolves and Rovers would go down.

Lastly, I hope the remaining Welsh club, Swansea City are able to win the Championship playoffs over Reading. Nothing against Reading but Cardiff and Swansea seem to always be in these playoffs but don't come through. It adds to the PL to go to Wales but I'd have to think Reading would be favored.

Again, best of luck to all the clubs, especially Swansea and Blackpool.

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Derbies and the final 2 games.

Just figuring out the math here, I would love to see Wigan win but I do go along with Lawro and think they can and will basically choke.

By the end of the weekend, I'd look for standings as being something like this.

Birmingham 40 points
Blackburn 38 points
Blackpool 35 points
Wigan 35 points
West Ham 35 points
Wolverhampton 34 points (sorry Wolves, I think West Brom is going to win this Derby)

Let's go through the PL Derbies real quick:

Aston Villa, Birmingham, Wolves and West Brom are all up in the Birmingham area, that is 4 teams or 20% of the PL teams,
London has 5, CFC, Tottenham, West Ham, Arsenal and Fulham, 25% of the teams as well. Queen's Park Rangers will constitute a 6th London team next year.
Manchester of couse, has 2 teams and are actually close to Blackburn/Bolton I have heard.
Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan are all in the same area.
Sunderland and Newcastle are very close to each other as are the Merseyside teams of Liverpool and Everton.
This leaves 2 other teams, Blackpool and Stoke City. The only teams truly isolated from the rest.


  • Fulham 
  • Tottenham
  • Manchester United 
  • Wolves

  • Bolton 
  • Manchester United

  • West Ham 
  • Stoke City

West Ham 

  • Wigan 
  • Sunderland


  • Sunderland 
  • Blackburn

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Predictions, EPL, May 6

I looked at Lawro's predictions yesterday, I'm trying to get them up on the screen now as I write:



Aston Villa 2 Wigan 1, I do remember this was predicted and I would go along with this though any lose by Wigan with now 3 games to go will be damaging, Blackpool, Wolves and West Ham still are in the same boat, Blackburn and Birmingham in the mix to a lesser extent.

Bolton 2 Sunderland 0 Again, Lawro predicted about this, his predictions so often involving 2 goals by one team seems formulaic but somewhat accurate.

Everton 2 Manchester City 1  It could be a draw but like Liverpool defeated City, let's say Everton, the other Merseyside club wins as well.

Newcastle 1 Birmingham City 1

West Ham 2 Blackburn 0

Tottenham 2 Blackpool 1


Wolves 1 West Brom 2

Stoke City 2 Arsenal 2 A year ago or so, Stoke City's Ryan Shawcross had the unfortunate collision with Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal that saw Ramsey's leg broken. Shawcross is a big man, unfortunate accident but I do believe it was an accident. Ramsey scored a game winner in one of Arsenal's recent games. I think this one will be a draw.

Man. Utd. 1 Chelsea 3


Fulham 1 Liverpool 2


Man City 2 Tottenham 1

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Posted on: May 1, 2011 12:03 pm

Cruising around the World Rankings.

For those that are unfamiliar with them, the ELO ratings http://www.eloratings.net/world.htm

Here for comparison are the Fifa rankings: http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/r

I think the Elo ratings are slightly better.

Our United States is at #27 currently. That doesn't seem quite right. We defeated Spain in the Confederations Cup it seems not too long ago. Mexico is over a hundred points better than our 1735 and Mexico is with Italy, 10th in the rankings. Mexico obviously has some very good players playing for the big teams in Europe such as the case of Chicharito at Manchester United but there seems to be a fair number all over. The US is number 22 in the Fifa rankings, Mexico is actually below us at #26.

It's always worth checking out ELO ratings and in turn to look up every match a country has played. Of course, I don't think they are able to get every single one but they make the effort.

The ELO current rankings see:

1. Spain 2099 points (FIFA, 1857 points)
2. Netherlands 2089 points (FIFA, 1702 points)
3. Brazil 2061 points (FIFA, 1452 points)

And from there, one can look at the rest of the rankings.

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