Posted on: October 31, 2011 1:21 pm
Edited on: October 31, 2011 1:27 pm

Rough Math, PL relegation, part I

After looking at these figures, playing an average of 2 games a week, though the Championship League may not have as high of quality as the Premier League, I've got to like the action.

Rough Math, team in parenthesis is last team surviving relegation drop):

1993-1994 (Ipswich Town 43) 42 matches played

    * Sheffield United 42
    * Oldham Athletic 40
    * Swindon Town 30

1994-1995 (Aston Villa 48)  42 matches played

    * Crystal Palace 45
    * Norwich City 43
    * Leicester City 29
    * Ipswich Town 27

(Longer schedule probably played in early years of PL, surely this year with 4 teams going down in 94-95)

Posted on: October 18, 2011 6:54 am

Talk of wanting to scrap Relegation/Promotion

Really, quick, how can this be?? Foreign owners have brought up plans wishing to scrap the Relegation/Promotion system of the English Leagues and while that sounds far fetched, they would just need a majority of owners to vote the system in. So, how would one determine the 20 teams that would always be in the Top Flight?? This would seem to be a matter of chance, after all, last year, we saw West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham go down. Also, what right would a "small club" like Wigan have to be in the Premier League?? I've always admired a "small club" being able to make the top flight, that is how the system works but likewise, it would not be fair for a small club to be up there at the cost of the bad luck of "big clubs" as Leeds certainly are and possibly the Sheffield Clubs, United and Wednesday and in fact, West Ham United. I just don't get this "scrap relegation" talk or see any benefits in it.

But while here, I really do see the 4 team playoff of the Championship League, League I and II as rather brutal. I believe the 3rd-6th place teams play a one-on-one 2 game series with each other and then have a deciding game at Wembley after that between the 2 winners.  That's really tough but in the end I suppose fair.

It seems to me that over the last 2 years, we've seen Cardiff City and Nottingham Forest in the playoffs and not succeed. I believe some years, the last playoff team has won the 4 club playoff and I'm not completely sure if that is fair. Blackpool may have done that.

As of now, the playoff teams in the Championship League are taken by 3. Middlesbrough 4. Derby County 5. Brighton, Hove and Albion and 6. Hull City.

Anyway, there are plenty of articles right now on the "scrap relegation" movement and SAF, Sir Alex Ferguson has come out against it. We don't quite have that system in our most lucrative sports league, the NFL and but one envision what if we had a relegation system in American Football. But it's comparing apples and oranges, the two sports are too different. Some have wanted to see the NFL have 2 different conferences and all the teams are just lined up without divisions, meaning San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit would all be vying for the top places. It works well in the EPL but the NFL has been that way for many decades. Some want the MLS to go to an all one conference format as well. The current system may need to be finetuned in the MLS but overall, works fine.
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