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Posted on: March 18, 2011 7:08 am
Edited on: March 20, 2011 1:20 pm

Run the World Cup like the NCAA Tournament?!

  1. Blogging is therapeutic, thus here I write down some thoughts. Once I read on the BBC 606 forums in fact and I don't know where the writer got the idea but what if the World Cup was run like the NCAA 64 (or 68) team tournament. Provocative idea. The writer even went so far as to say it could be done every year, well, that would probably be a bit to often.

    Still, it is an intriguing idea. I believe the number of games that would be played are close to the same amount under the NCAA system or the World Cup Fifa system, around 64 games by each version. I know many people would not like this and say, there are already too many teams when the World Cup has 32 teams. That may be correct.

    and http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/r

    1. I don't know about "fantasy" sports too much but it makes for a fascinating scenario. Of course, some sorts of brackets would need to be devised with highly seeded teams and the lower seeds. Though it might have some obviously lopsided results in the beginning, I really think one could see some very exciting matchups and it would make teams strive to be more highly rated. After all, chances are with the last World Cup, there were teams that were rated even lower than 64th in the Fifa rankings, at least one, North Korea and perhaps 2 with Algeria. Still, an argument could be made that real strength starts to peter out around ranking 50 where Scotland is currently. Oh, and Canada likely could nose in usually among the 64 top teams, perhaps we'd see Thailand in there.
    The Fifa format is good for a tournament I must say. It's weaknesses are probably in other departments like officiating.

    Just an interesting idea. Perhaps we'll work on this some more.

Going by the ELO ratings for ease of use, let's make a "hypothetical bracket of 16" to be among 4 brackets, so I will try about every 4th team out of 64 to have a random nature to this because after all, there would be 4 brackets.  The number in the parenthesis ( ) is the ELO rating.

Ex. Bracket A vs. having "East" or "West" etc. brackets.
  1. Spain (1)
  2. Argentina (5)
  3. Uruguay (9)
  4. Italy (13)
  5. Russia (17)
  6. Paraguay (21)
  7. United States (25)
  8. Greece (29)
  9. Czech Republic (33)
  10. Romania (37)
  11. Bulgaria (41)
  12. Cameroon (45)
  13. Belarus (49)
  14. Slovakia (53)
  15. Belgium (57)
  16. Morocco (61)
So, I would assume, in the 1st round, the schedule of games would be top seeds vs. bottom seeds, something like:

Spain versus Morocco
Argentina vs. Belgium
Uruguay vs. Slovakia
Italy vs. Belarus
Russia vs. Cameroon
Paraguay vs. Bulgaria
United States vs. Romania
Greece vs. Czech Republic (Czechia)

With Spain, Argentina and Italy in the same bracket, this looks very strong, yet, what would be group "B" would likewise have it's strengths starting out with Netherlands, England, etc.

Fifa Rankings, same scenario, every 4th team for a random value. The number in the parenthesis ( ) is the Fifa ranking.

Bracket A.
  1. Spain (1)
  2. Brazil (5)
  3. Portugal (9)
  4. Russia (13)
  5. Slovenia (17)
  6. Australia (21)
  7. Ivory Coast (25)
  8. South Korea (29)
  9. Ukraine (33)
  10. Belarus (37)
  11. Northern Ireland/Burkina Faso (41)
  12. Tunisia (45)
  13. Ecuador (49)
  14. Costa Rica (53)
  15. Bosnia/New Zealand (57)
  16. Austria (61)

Fifa rankings games might go this way in the 1st elimination round, highest seed vs. lowest:

Spain vs. Austria
Brazil vs New Zealand (or Bosnia, tied at Fifa # 56)
Portugal vs. Costa Rica
Russia vs. Ecuador
Slovenia vs. Tunisia
Australia vs. Burkina Faso/Northern Ireland (If Australia played Northern Ireland, though Australia surely is better, I'm sure N.I. could make a game effort)
Ivory Coast vs.Belarus
South Korea vs. Ukraine
Not sure if I have the system down correctly, I think the ELO matches look better.


This was such fun, that though a bit tedious, let's see what the other groups could look like as well. ELO ratings in brackets after country. Any ties in ranking resolved arbitrarily.

Bracket B. ELO

  1. Netherlands (2)
  2.  England (6)
  3.  Portugal(10)
  4.  Sweden (14)
  5.  South Korea (18)
  6.  Norway (22)
  7.  Colombia (24)
  8.  Iran(28)
  9.  Ecuador(32)
  10.  Venezuela (36)
  11.  Poland(40)
  12.  Jamaica(44)
  13.  China(48)
  14.  South Africa(52)
  15.  Iraq(56)
  16. New Zealand (61)

Netherlands vs. New Zealand
England vs. Iraq
Portugal vs. South Africa
Sweden vs. China
South Korea vs. Jamaica
Norway vs. Poland
Colombia vs. Venezuela
Iran vs. Ecuador

Some good matchups.




Bracket B. Fifa matchups

  1. Netherlands (2)
  2. England (6)
  3. Greece (10)
  4. Chile (14)
  5. France (18)
  6. Slovakia (22)
  7. Montenegro (26)
  8. Sweden (30)
  9. Republic of Ireland (34)
  10. Honduras (38)
  11. Cameroon (42)
  12. South Africa (46)
  13. Scotland (51)
  14. Lithuania (54)
  15. Israel (58)
  16. Belgium (62)
Netherlands vs. Belgium
England vs. Israel
Greece vs. Lithuania
Chile vs. Scotland
France vs. South Africa
Slovakia vs. Cameroon
Montenegro vs. Honduras
Sweden vs. Republic of Ireland

Another fairly strong bracket. Also, once upon a time, Belgium was a very respectable Soccer power, Israel has not done too bad in the recent past yet, they are ranked very low as of now.

Group C , I think we've seen enough of this now. Thank you for reading.



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