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Dynamo would be a mega upset.


Here are my PL picks, I was reading the Spanish news and I think it sent my computer into overload though some good games over there as well.

We are finishing a 2 week break so surely, some of these teams will be rested and raring to go.

Norwich Arsenal 2 2

Everton Wolverhampton 0 4

Manchester City Newcastle 2 2 I don't really like the Magpies, don't hate them either. One of the next 3 they will probably lose but they are not pushovers, that said, they should have done better against Wigan at home, they only scored in the 80th to win 1-0 at home

StokeCity QPR 1 0 Stoke City better start getting something, I'm fed up with them per league form.

Sunderland Fulham 1 1

West Brom Bolton 1 1

Wigan Blackburn 2 3

Swansea Manchester United 2 0

Chelsea Liverpool 2 1

Tottenham Aston Villa 2 0

Galaxy Dynamo

LA are such favorites, I think I will be cheering on Houston though I really didn't want to, they have won 2 championships in the past 6 years, I think it goes:

2010 Colo.

2009 RSL

2008 Crew

2007 Dynamo

2006 Dynamo

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Posted on: November 6, 2011 7:48 pm

Houston doesn't belong in MLS East.

I may not have everything correct but from what I understand, each team in the MLS, from DC  United to the Vancouver Whitecaps plays each team in the league 2 times. Now, if this is so, they should just make it one conference.

Also, Houston should never have been moved to the East, they may be more Eastern than Portland and the other teams but they had won 2 MLS Cups as Houston and perhaps another one or two as San Jose before being called the Dynamo.

Now, we will have a final with a Western team and an ex-Western team, but I may be finicky, I know for a long time, DC United to mention them again, was competitive and took a title. It just doesn't seem right for Houston to be in the Eastern conference.

Congrats to the Dynamo.
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MLS Playoffs

MLS playoffs are set but you figure it out! Here are some links!

Here is the no-nonsense schedule of fixtures: http://aol.sportingnews.com/soccer/
 , you still have to figure out who the wild card teams are though.

(critical of format)

  (Philadelphia source, so the emphasis is on the Philadelphia Union but the schedule for all teams seems to be there. Of course, the MLS website surely has this info as well)

Anyway, the playoffs begin Wednesday with the Wild Card playoffs, I could not even find the schedule over at Soccerway.  Pay attention to what is on TV, surely Fox Soccer will have some, maybe ESPN, ESPN2, the Spanish language channels Galavision, Univision and perhaps Telefutura could be carrying some games as well. Maybe the Championship game makes it to ABC.

I assume that the Wildcards will playoff against each other thus, the WCs are NY RedBull, Columbus Crew, FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids....

But perhaps out of those four teams two will advance because there are six seeded teams. Galaxy, Seattle, Real Salt Lake in the West, in the East, Sporting KC, Philadelphia Union and Houston Dynamo.

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Posted on: October 21, 2011 12:12 pm

MLS shaking out.

We know now who will be in the playoffs. We do not know how the fixtures will go per the wildcard teams. I kind of hope Philadelphia can be nosed out of the seeded positions. Using this as a worksheet, here are the clubs in post season play.

Western Conference:

  • LA Galaxy (67 points) Play Houston
  • Seattle Supersounders (60 points) Play Chivas
  • Real Salt Lake (52 points) Play Portland Timbers
Eastern Conference:

  • Sporting KC (48 points) Play DC Utd.
  • Phila. Union (48 points) No more games
  • Columbus Crew (47 points) Play Chicago Fire
Wildcards as of now:

  • FC Dallas (52 points) Play San Jose Earthquakes
  • Colo. Rapids (46 points) Play the Vanc. Whitecaps
  • NY RedBulls (46 points) No more games
  • Houston Dynamo (46 points) Sunday vs. LA Galaxy
Maybe we will see some juggling in the standings yet. Philadelphia can be placed in a wild card position but that would seem to depend on Houston defeating LA Galaxy. At home, I guess it is a possibility. Would the Gals rest their stars? They just played that Champions League game in Honduras, that's a lot of travel and play.
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Beckham in Honduras

1st off: Please David, please do not pull this "we don't shave as long as we win" trick that the Gals, that is the LA Galaxy did last year. I know you did it with Landon Donovan but in the end, the Galaxy did not win it. This businesslike attitude is great. Also, in not being too much of a publicity seeker in this possible deal with Paris St. Germaine.

Down to business, the CONCACAF Champions League game was rather intriguing last night broadcast from Tegucigalpa, those poor parts of Latin America now that currently suffer but when you got the pelota, the ball, the women went wild.  I'm even reading Beck's is going to Indonesia with one Dennis Rodham sometime in the future.

Congrats to the Galaxy. I kindof hope they can win it this year in that they deserve it. Read about it here: http://www.mlssoccer.com/ccl/news/a

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Last Round of Fixtures for the MLS

There are some nuances about this last round of fixtures in the MLS and that is how it will influence post season play.

What I see mainly is that the Chicago Fire have a shot at the MLS playoffs, the Fire need to defeat Columbus Crew on Saturday and the game with the NY Red Bulls hosting Philadelphia Union would need to see NY lose for Chicago to have a shot at post season play. Well, the Red Bull Uion game is on Thursday night so at least, Chicago will know going into their game Saturday if they need to win but the Union do not have a whole lot to gain by winning except the chance to help see New York eliminated. I'm sure there are other factors as well, if Philadelphia were to win and Chicago were to win, it would go to some sort of tie breaker as the two would have 43 points.  I would think head to head would be the next tie breaker and then Goal Differential. Who knows if we will even see this scenario play out.

MLS quality of play seems to be vastly improving every year.

The Portland Timbers may have a shot as well with remaining games at DC United and at Real Salt Lake, 2 wins could help them catch the Colorado Rapids if the Rapids drop their last game vs. Vancouver. Looks like Portland loses head to head, perhaps this race is already over and it might explain why Colorado, Dallas and Real Salt Lake have been poor over the last month, they really have not had to win to make the playoffs but you'd think they'd want to avoid the wild card playoffs.

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MLS, Is West So Much Better Than the East?? II


I asked this question a few days ago, now today, the Eastern and Western Conferences faced off against each other and it looks like close to an even split on games.

The fun actually started Friday, Portland stomped the Revolution 3-0. Today, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Red Bull NY all defeated Western Opponents while Real Salt Lake and Seattle defeated Eastern teams as shown on the Soccerway page. Apparently 2 teams from each conference, Phila., nosediving Columbus Crew, LA Galaxy and Vancouver did not participate in these interconference games and played each other.

So, this seems to answer the earlier post of a few days ago. The Conferences seem close to parity however, the LA Galaxy season form may be quite a bit beyond the other teams.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 10:44 am

MLS, Is West better than East? Or vice versa??


At the above link we see the current MLS standings.

In it, note, the top East Teams are KC Sporting and Columbus Crew, both with 40 points, Columbus was in 1st place it seemed for the longest time with 40 points. in 3rd are the Philadelphia Union who at 36 points, have not gotten a win at least in 5 games! We are talking 40 points and in 1st place!

Now, then, turn to the West Conference of the MLS: LA Galaxy is way out front with 55 points in the West, that would mean, strictly speaking 5 wins better than the Eastern Leaders and not only that, we see in 2nd place, Seattle Sounders with 48 points, 3rd, Dallas with 46 points, 4th, Real Salt lake with 45 points and 5th, the current MLS champs, Colorado Rapids with 41 points, places 1-5 in the MLS West have more points than 1st place in the East.

What could this mean? Is the West way better than the East?? I would need to break it down to see who wins most of the games between the Eastern teams vs. the Western teams. It could be that the Eastern teams are more competitive against each other. It could mean the bottom Western teams are worse than the bottom Eastern teams which the records do indicate.

I am rather sure though that Western Teams have been playing Eastern Teams better this year as a certainty.


Here is the playoff system in the MLS. Let it be for others to figure it out.

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