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Posted on: October 26, 2011 11:27 pm
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Mexican League is big league

This is exciting stuff, Santos Laguna vs. Club America in certainly close to a state of the art stadium in Torreon, currently tied 1-1 and now, San Luis Potosi vs. Queretaro, the Mexican Division I've been informed has only 18 teams, the teams play 18 games, not two games against each opponent but apparently 1 game vs. each, the crowd is pumped so it is almost like all of these are playoff games, I did enjoy the FC Dallas NY Red Bulls game but this is totally different. This is big league, I even heard some singing earlier, a full schedule on this Wednesday night.. San Luis jumped to a 2-0 lead but Queretaro has come back to make it 2-1 here at the end. It'd be a blast to see a game, I've got to wonder if the strife in Mexico really has that much impact on your regular citizen because at these games, it does not seem so. It's a country of 100 million and no we don't need them all coming up here but these games are pretty good. I've been to the Pacific coast down there but .... that's actually one of the danger areas especially Sinaloa where the biggest cartel resides, I sure would not go to that area, a section like San Luis Potosi, Puebla and Mexico City would seem to be relatively safe.

Mexican League http://www.soccerway.com/national/m

I use to watch it, now a friend of mine is a big Pumas fan so I try to catch their games. About 2 more games after this and then the tournament of the top 8 games. I'm not all sure about how their system works, they have relegation but currently, they don't really show teams that would get relegated in about 2 weeks time. San Luis wins, they are battling to get into those top 8. The emblem for Santos Laguna is pretty cool looking too, I think they are a 'hoops' team meaning jerseys a bit like Celtic, hoops.

Santos-CA ends 1-1, actually blocked penalties by both goalkeepers (arqueros) in the 2nd half... once I could only get the Mexican games with regularity so once, we got the other leagues, I cooled on it but my friend is a fanatic that now, I'm getting back in the swing of it, good matches. I tried picking their games once before but did not do too well, I may try again though the teams seem a bit inconsistent, at least some of the teams like Pumas, they were 1st for a while, then lost 3 games straight, one a bad 4-0 loss, now they are back in 1st place. Pumas, the UNAM team, Universidad Austonoma de Mexico but I don't know how exactly it fits that this well known University has a professional soccer team.

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 9:40 pm

The Mexican League

Mexico, I really want to say a great country but the drug wars have made it seemingly a bad place, on TV now, is the Santos Laguna team hosting Cruz Blanca and it looks like a close to the state of the art stadium in Torreon where I assume this game is being played, in that area at least, La Laguna indeed means that area of Torreon Coahuila and Gomez Palacio and Lerdo Durango, double check your maps, but this is the same stadium where violence recently broke out causing one game to be abandoned and then, on another day soon after, a weekday, there was a gunfight once again with fatal results.

The Mexican League is probably in the top 10 soccer leagues in the world, I'd have to say even better than the MLS, I think there is actually a power ranking of leagues out there based on statistics that affirms this, something I've seen talked about at bigsoccer.

Here is the table for the Mexican League, as far as I can tell, the top 8 teams then have a playoff to determine the Champion. You can see now, many of the top scorers in the Mexican League are coming from South America, I'm not sure what this means, we do know a # of top players in Mexico are now playing in Europe rather than Mexico.

If one follows the Mexican League, I honestly think you will see more drama and excitement than in the American league, not only that, for the past few Saturday's, they've had 3 games on of the Mexican League along with an MLS game on the Spanish Channels such as Univision, Telefutura, etc. check your listings. Sunday's generally have at least one game so they really air a lot of the Mexican League games.

It's really pretty good but it does seem Mexico has some serious problems, it is hard to really analyze the extent that it effects the common person there. Some areas, I believe are relatively untouched by the violence like Puebla, then you have a few teams that are in drug territories, I really would not want to be on a team that played in Juarez and perhaps a few other cities.

Our LA Galaxy barely got by the Monarcas (Monarchs) of Morelia this past week.
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Posted on: April 19, 2011 12:38 pm

Selling star to Wigan saw Mexican Team lose big.

Necaxa's decision to sell Hugo Rodallega to Wigan a couple of years ago may have earned then $7 million in the short term, but it may have cost them more like $50 million in the long term as they have twice been relegated since.

I played internet chess many moons ago and met someone and Necaxa was their team. That's a team out of the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico. An interesting tale about Hugo Rodallega, a Columbian player.


With the relegation battle coming down to the Nitty Gritty and no one all season looking more likely to be relegated than Wigan for this season and seeing how Roberto Martinez was one of the commentators for the World Cup last summer on ESPN, all of this is coming down to being a cracking drama to see who will survive in the PL.

Now, I would give Wigan about a 50/50 chance of surviving in the PL. As outlined, with all of the turmoil surrounding Wigan's next opponent, Sunderland at the SOL, Stadium of Light, we are seeing one relegation crunch game after another. As for West Ham United, it was an absolute crusher to lose to Aston Villa after 90 minutes at Upton Park.  On the other hand, Aston Villa, sitting pretty at 40 points now, needed to do well in the games before their last two which pits them against powerful teams in the PL against whom they may not be able to get any points. Those two teams being Arsenal and Liverpool even if both of these teams are admittedly spotty at times.

I'd guestimmate the PL teams' chances at relegation as something like this.

Sunderland 70% to stay up
Birmingham 65% to stay up
Blackburn 55% to stay up
Wigan 50% to stay up
Blackpool 45% to stay up
West Ham 35% to stay up
Wolverhampton 35% to stay up.

Maybe that doesn't make sense. Very close.
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