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John Barnes comes out and supports Luis Suarez

This was breaking, I know I've blogged a lot today but if anyone knew what being up against Racism was, it was Jamaican John Barnes when he played in Liverpool. I believe he even wrote a book about it, "out of my skin" or something similar. The interview makes you wonder about what Evra said about Suarez?


“Luis Suarez is fantastic but I wish it was not all about Gerrard and Suarez. Liverpol need a better squad so there is not too much focus on them because if Suarez suddenly gets injured and can’t play you have got a problem and Liverpool can’t win," Barnes told Goal.com.
Suarez is very important to the Reds as they are a bit lean with the big names and Gerrard has just returned.

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Posted on: April 15, 2008 12:02 pm
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Arsenal's bad luck

I don't like any of the "big 4" teams of the English Premier League, those being Manchester United,  Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool per the current order of the standings, MUFC, Man U that notoriously has a large bandwagon following.

But what is good sportsmanship and what is fair can not be ignored as to some horrendous calls and noncalls in the Arsenal/Liverpool Champions League series, in fact, Brian Glanville even mentions another err in the FA Cup which saw Portsmouth defeat West Bromwich in the final.

"To err is human…Or to be a modern referee. Mistake after costly mistake has lately been made, to the outrage and expense of the clubs which have been its victims. Arsenal, for instance, twice in the same week. " - Brian Glanville, http://www.worldsoccer.com/glanvill

How often is "instant replay" and "video review" going to be discussed without anything being done about it and so we are left with the bad taste of a soccer/football game turning on a referee's mistake regardless of whatever team one is for.

Indeed, I hope the Chelsea/Liverpool series starting April 22 favors the Blues, to bring some justice to this situation.





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