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Posted on: November 4, 2011 2:13 pm
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Leeds' American-born Goalkeeper

Well, one should not put too much emphasis in a 0-5 game, I mean, Man Utd. can't dwell on their big loss 2 weekends ago and Arsenal can't dwell on their big loss earlier in the season, it's one game and you move on.

But Leeds lost this past Wednesday at home, 0-5 to Blackpool and who was in goal? Paul Rabuchka, place of birth, California.He gets an England flag next to his name playing for Leeds though he apparently was born in the USA. Interestingly he played previously for Blackpool, in fact, making a number of appearances for them over a 5 year stretch. What is also interesting is that he gave up 3 goals, okay, may have had some other miffs that led him to being substituted about an hour into the game. 3 goals were given up when he was in there, so 2 goals were given up once the 18 year old replacement Cairns came in. Can't expect as much from the youngster.

The 30-year-old would like his time again, no doubt, but this transfer and this opportunity has swallowed him. The walls caved in spectacularly against Blackpool but the seeds of his demise were sown four games earlier on the night of his full league debut. Rachubka was in arrears from the moment he coughed up an injury-time goal and gifted a point to Coventry City.

Anyone who doubts the effect of a mistake which came at the end of an otherwise steady performance should revisit Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Cardiff City. Rachubka was not culpable for that result but his demeanour was anxious; the sign of a player who knows people are doubting him even if he is not yet doubting himself.

So was it all that bad? Time will tell but it was only one game. but this article is telling.

These are the things we often don't know about, perhaps Millwall will stand a better chance against the Tangerines in the weekend match, still would have to give the advantage to the Seasiders at home.

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7 managers in 4 and a half years, Leicester



At first, I felt it must be the norm for Sven to get the boot at Leicester, it seemed he was let go in similar fashion managing Mexico, a job I don't think he was suited for in the first place. But now, I think it does seem rash, Leicester at 19 points is only 2 points out of a playoff spot in the Championship League and 5 points out of a spot for automatic promotion. The Foxes currently sit at about 19 points. Sure, there are some aspects about Sven's managing that are suspect. I'm sure, Erikkson will be able to find another coaching job in quick order.

Millwall thanks to a hat trick by Henderson defeated Leicester there 0-3 on Saturday. I've got to think sacking Sven is a bit rash. True, they lost to Millwall but Leicester just defeated Derby 4-0 about 3 weeks ago. Here is there webpage at Soccerway showing their results.

If the departing of Erikkson on mutual terms seems to be unjust, I'll probably hope Leicester stay down.

Perhaps a lot of money was spent by Leicester as well.

Next up, WHU vs. Leicester.

Posted on: October 20, 2011 11:06 pm

Championship League Rundown, 22 Oct.

Quick rundown, man, how this week has flown by, we were just talking about Tuesday's games and I don't know yet, if Birmingham City won in Europa.... but they must have played, they are the Sunday game.

How tight are things in the C-ship? The Coca Cola Fizzy Pop League? You see with the opener


Peterborough Leeds 7th vs. 11th and Leeds got a draw and still dropped places during the week. I have no idea who might win here, I assume Leeds can win it.

Cardiff City Barnsley

'Boro Derby

Ipswich Palace

Leicester Millwall, Millwall really needs a win, Beckford scored for Leicester CIty Wednesday, his first goal for the team as Sven's team makes a try for the playoff spots.

Hull City Watford

Blackpool Forest Doing this shorthand, I'm tired but it's more of a note to myself.

Pompey Doncaster

Conventry Burnley

Reading Saints, this looks like a good game, someone will surprise Southampton 'maybe', a ton of teams are playing very well but they are still 5 points clear with about 12 games played, pretty good.


Birmingham Bristol


Brighton, Hove and Albion West Ham , Man, Brighton, Hove and Albion started this season at the top and though they aren't dropping like a rock, they certainly do not have the same form. This would be a game that could get them back in the hunt, if they drop?? Maybe they'd end up in 13th place when all is done, surely they will know going into Monday's game.

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Today, Championship and Champions League Fixtures

Looks like a full day of games in the Champions League and Championship League:

As usual, check Soccerway.

For the Championship League:

Southampton West Ham United , this so soon after Saturday's games makes me think Southampton will win at home. Maybe I'm taking the Hammers lightly here, they just won big 4-0 while the Saints drew at Derby. If WHU wins, they will be on top of the League. (Edit on: No Robert Green, in goal was Almunia (??), is this the same goalkeeper Arsenal used sometimes?? There Spanish GK last year?? Maybe. You really hve to keep up so no matter what, this GK was good too, close game.) Southampton would probably do fair in the PL right now as well. Cardiff City did manage to defeat them earlier in the year.

Nottingham Forest Middlesbrough Forest is in free fall, I look for Middlesbrough to win, they must to stay at the top. (Edit On: Forest hired a new manager, Stephen Cotteril, if I'd known this, maybe I would have given them more of a chance. I'd better start firing up the BBC lower league pages so I'm more aware of new developments)

Leeds Coventry City , Leeds.

Barnsley Burnley

Millwall Brighton Hove and Albion. I go with a draw, Millwall has drawn 'Boro and the Hammers in the last several weeks.

Ipswich Pompey, Ipswich should win. 

Posh Cardiff Level game here.

Crystal Palace Bristol City Palace looks to make the playoff places with a victory over the cellar team here. It would not be a bad run of games.

Reading Derby County

Blackpool Doncaster , Blackpool needs to rebound from a bad loss.

Birmingham City is in the Europa League and will not be playing. Most of the other teams have played 3 more games than Brum. It would seem if the Blues could capitalize on those games they have in hand, they will be in the playoff spots. The league really is rather exciting versus the race in the Premier League.

It looks like Hull City is the other team not playing this week.

It will be interesting to see how the standings change after these games. The Southampton/West Ham game is actually crucial and I would suppose these two teams only meet 2 times a year which shows it's importance. Oh well, Saturday's games came after the International Break so it is not like these teams are playing a terribly busy schedule after a two week layoff. I go with the Saints in that they have been the best team out there consistently this year from the start.

For the record, tomorrow's single fixture is Leicester City/Watford.


Spanish Update: Athletic Club, that is Athletic Bilbao won Monday over Osasuna and look to be on the march upward in the table.

Posted on: May 7, 2011 9:46 am
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Championship League Rundown

Well, Leeds United fell out of the playoff picture but are winning currently leading Queen's Park at the 88th minute. Nottingham Forest also is winning. Leeds United will not be back in the playoff positions it seems after this weekend's games and from what I can tell, the season is over. These Championship teams have played 45 games so far. Exhausting schedule. The teams that will be relegated already are, no suspense here, these teams include Sheffield United. Unfortunate for the Blades, in the PL only a few years ago.

See Soccerway for the full tables.

As for League I, it looks to be Brighton Albion and Hove moving up. The Saints, Southampton will probably do that as well and have won at least 5 straight. Plymouth Argyle have a B. Wright Phillips playing for them. Surely, this is the family with the elder Sean Wright Phillips and in turn, I believe the father played professionally.

League II sees Chesterfield leading and to be promoted. It's a very competitive sport.

Posted on: April 30, 2011 8:20 am

Queen's Park Rangers. Gold Cup

Check the news, QPR may well have a number of points deducted and if that happened, then would have to be in the playoffs in order to be promoted.

The Sun reported on Thursday that QPR, the Championship leaders, will face a 15-point deduction over the 2009 signing of Argentine Alejandro Faurlin - a penalty that will put them in the thick of a play-off race.- Soccerway.com

To other news, El Chicharito, Javier Hernandez, clearly a key to Manchester United's success this season has been selected to play in the Gold Cup tournament.

 In-form Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez has been named in Mexico's 30-man squad for next month's CONCACAF Gold Cup.- Soccerway

Still, this year, the PL teams clearly are a bit short of the powerful Barcelona and perhaps Real Madrid as well.
Posted on: March 6, 2011 11:09 am
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The Coca Cola Fizzy Pop League

The Championship League is also coming into the final quarter of the season. http://www.soccerway.com/national/e

Queen's Park Rangers look bound to carry the title ahead by 8 points after 35 matches have been played. I count still that a Championship team like Nottingham Forest has a full 11 games to play, so there is a lot of football left.  The two Welsh teams, Swansea and Cardiff City battle for 2nd place along with a few other teams in striking distance. 2nd place as well will get an automatic qualification into the PL. At the same time, for places 3rd-6th place, there is a playoff and apparently Blackpool won the playoffs last year. Newcastle and WBA as 1 and 2  were promoted automatically last season.

Clubs in the playoff picture as of now would be Cardiff City, Norwich, Nottingham Forest and Leeds United so in fact, the Whites are getting close to returning to the PL. Of course, Burnley etc. are not totally out of the mix as well. Forest made the playoffs last year, perhaps Cardiff too. It would be nice to have a Welsh team back in the PL.

This just in: "QPR face point deduction" says the headline: http://www.soccerway.com/news/2011/
March/09/qpr-face-point-deduction/ ,

But nothing is finalized here, sort of a West Ham situation with an Argentine, an agent. I think the FA should have penalized West Ham more seriously a few years ago, they got a 3 point deduction but they've lost a lot of money and I mean a lot due to law suits. West Ham had only 3 points deducted as penalty. Maybe proper. With that precedent, can the FA treat QPR more severely? This only involves one player and surely, not the quality of Tevez and Mascherano. Still, maybe he's the reason they are about 6 points or so ahead of everyone else in the Championship League but now, they did lose this past Tuesday, did they not??

So, this is important in regards to the other teams trying to make it to the Premier League, namely Swansea, Cardiff City, Norwich, Leeds Utd. and the others. Watch this story.


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