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Argentina hasn't been as good recently.

The club's head of security, Alberto Perrone, was also removed from his position, as evidence emerged exposing the former police chief's close links with the mob involved both in San Lorenzo and the Argentina national team.
 Argentina is such a gifted soccer nation, some of the best players in the World are Argentine, of course, Messi and Arguedo but this is pretty bad. What in the world?? A player was also assaulted at practice by the rival hooligan mob which in Argentina seems to be a bit like organized crime crossed with Ultras. Argentina's national team has had some disappointments for their standard at least, Venezuela beat them this year.


This 2nd story is interesting because the Nigerians were upset at their previous coach, a lot of fans wanted the previous coach fired who got them only to the semi finals at the African Cup of Nations held in Angola in 2010, now they brought in the fans choice and guess what? They didn't even qualify to go the African Nations Cup but I do think this Siasia fellow did help the Eagles years ago, do well in the Olympics. It's a tough road to hoe. Look at our USA team. In 2002, at that World Cup, Korea Japan we were a hot number, got to the quarters, almost to the semifinals, at one time, both Mexico and USA were in the top 10, even top 6 maybe.

The manager failed to help the Super Eagles qualify for the African Cup of Nations that will take place in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in January.

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Maradona's sidekick, Claudio Caniggia

How Maradona set the world on fire but Claudio Caniggia was a big part of the engine of the Albiceleste that was such a power.


Caniggia played for the Rangers. Good article on his play. I'm not positive, I use to have recordings of it but I think he and Maradona teamed up for an important goal to win the 1986 World Cup versus West Germany. Perhaps Claudio was not in a World Cup until the 1990 edition.


You learn something every day!!!

We all knew Cameroon in one of the most famous World Cup upsets defeated reigning champions Argentina in the 1990 Italia tournament.

But I didn't see it, I didn't know a Cameroon player was sent off for a vicious tackle on Caniggia of all things.

Then Caniggia set off on a solo run that carried him from deep into his own half towards the Cameroon penalty area. He survived two attempts to bring him down, but not the third: Massing's tackle was so late that the ball was practically in a different time zone. He was sent off, but it was a strange dismissal: referee Michel Vautrot showed the red card, followed by a second yellow to a player who had already been cautioned. It meant that, despite an offence that regularly appears among lists of the worst fouls committed, he was technically dismissed for collecting two bookings.

Eh? Sounds a bit like some revenge for the Hand of god play in the 1986 World Cup.
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