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2 great links and 1 more on history of the game.

http://elcentrocampista.com  Spanish football/soccer/futbol,/calcio news and history as well.

 Hibs sack manager Calderwood... a lot of in depth stories I don't see elsewhere. That's what I get for thinking the BBC was like the ultimate news source for everything.

 Looks like some good history here.
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Ruud Van Nistelrooy is playing for ???

Ruud is playing for<strong> Malaga</a></strong> , gee, those look like Argentine jerseys!!<strong> The Spanish league is hotly contested in positions 1-7 especially, with Real Betis with all wins and 12 points, next, Barcelona, Levante and Sevilla tied with 11 points, Real Madrid, Malaga and Valencia are all at 10 points. Then at 8th and 9th, a drop off of 7 points for Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad. </a></strong>I guess a special satellite package could get the German, French and Spanish leagues and probably others. My favorite teams are Atletico Madrid drilled by Barsa 5-0 this weekend and Athletic Bilbao, the Basque team, a club never relegated. If for some reason the links do not work, please go to Soccerway.com to read more.<br /><br /><br />

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