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Ah, in 2006, I watched with some Portuguese fans, Portugal crash out from the World Cup against France, a game France deserved to win but I'm not so sure about France's prior game vs. Spain but France played well enough to win the final vs. Italy which ended in a penalty shootout.

Interestingly, I believe both times in recent memory, Denmark has been able to defeat Portugal, win their group and Portugal has been forced to play in the playoffs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina played Portugal in the unlucky play-off contest having hit woodwork three times (Ibričić, Džeko, Muslimović) in the first game, and eventually bowed out losing both games by single goal. Portugal was the only team from UEFA play-offs to reach knock-out stage of FIFA World Cup 2010, losing to the eventual World Cup Champions Spain, which shows how difficult opponent it was for Bosnia and Herzegovina to take on in the play-offs.- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnia

Fastforward to 2010, Portuguese fans will tell you somehow that Spain dived to win that game, though both countries share the Iberian peninsula, I did not expect much bitterness.

Now, here we have Bosnia whom Portugal once before recently already denied advancement to a major tournament, at home, Portugal has to be favored BUT.... it's important that we have that "away goal" rule in place, so it would seem if Bosnia can score at least one goal, Portugal likewise has to score and in this case of BiH scoring one goal, Portugal would have to score at least 2 to advance.

So, I think the stage is set, Portugal famously has fans around the world in support of their team and the number of stars it has had in recent years, Figo, Deco and of course, Ronaldo among others..

http://www.portugoal.net/ Dedicated website to the Portugal team.

I'm mixed here, I honestly think this can go either way. In fact, I have a funny feeling Bosnia can nick it.

Obviously, in the other games, Ireland should finish off Estonia, playing at home and Croatia is not going to lose at home with their 3 goals to zero advantage. The Czechs play in Montenegro and Czech Rep. lead with two goals to none and will have Peter Cech in goal. Though the Czechs seem to lack the offensive flash Nedved gave them, the Czechs seem to usually be able to put up a good defense. Let's not forget I believe with Rooney's red card in the Montenegro England game, that Montenegro in fact, did come back to draw that game. So, this one seems even as well, Montenegro could possibly take it given the lackluster performances the Czechs have often had.

I don't mind the Czech team but it has been a few years since they've really had a fine performance in a major tourney, we the USA played them in '06 and memorably lost our first group stage game to them, 3-1 I think and were immediately behind the eight ball but likewise, the Czech team could do nothing in their final two games and were left behind in the group as well.

Surely, it is a formality and following custom that the LA Galaxy has requested Robbie Keane to come back from the Euro qualifiers to the Galaxy.http://www.soccerway.com/news/2011/
That won't happen but as I said, I think if Keane is healthy coming back to play in the MLS Championship this weekend, the Galaxy will win. Otherwise, Houston Dynamo may well be able to take it.

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