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Posted on: April 29, 2011 10:06 am
Edited on: April 29, 2011 11:54 am

Lawro's Predictions, April30 weekend.

Happy Royal Wedding Weekend.

Lawro's Predictions in italics :

 Blackburn 1 Bolton 1

I'll say Blackburn 1 Bolton 2

Blackpool 2 Stoke City 0 Lawro suggests Stoke City won't care about this game, being up in the table and vying for the FA Cup in a game soon. I'll still go with Blackpool 1 Stoke City 2. I think Lawrenson is showing some favoritism.

Sunderland 2 Fulham 1

Sounds close to right, I'll still go with Sunderland 2 Fulham 2, a draw, draws being Fulham's most like result under draw master Mark Hughes.

West Brom 1 Aston Villa 1

I'll say since the poor coach of Villa has been ailing and Villa still should grab one more game before their last 2 tough games, I'll go with West Brom 1 Aston Villa 2

Wigan 1 Everton 2

I'll merely go with a draw 1-1 but Wigan has to win, this may be one of their last games at home. Still, Everton basically does not lose to a team like Wigan. Wigan's best chance sadly for them is a draw but should Blackpool lose, it still might see them climb out of the cellar.

Chelsea 2 Tottenham 1

Sounds about right.

Birmingham 1 Wolverhampton 1

 I'll say Brum gets a win, 2-1.

 'Pool 2 Toon 0,

 I'll say Liverpool 2 Newcastle 1

 Arsenal 1 MUFC 1

 Love to see this, I say United win 1-2 Man City 2 West Ham 0 I'll say the Hammers get a draw 2-2.

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