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Newcastle United

The international break coming up of a 14 day break for most teams will be in Newcastle United's favor, when they come back, they will face Manchester City. Manchester City certainly represents the best in the PL at the moment, being 5 points clear on top. IF Queen's Park Rangers and Wolverhampton can play City respectfully, never mind that Fulham drew them, I think Newcastle can challenge.

Former Magpie Alan Shearer weighs in: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/foo

Fans of club fan in England often see this through club colored tinted glasses, I really don't care for the way Chris Hughton was let go a year ago but you can not argue with Alan Pardew's results.

So, unless there is some sort of curse with renaming St. James Park, Sports direct, I think the next few games could still see the Barcodes successful.

Those matches are:

  • Man City away 
  • Man Utd. away
  • Chelsea home
  • Norwich away
  • Swansea home
Still, respectfully, it's not enough to say Newcastle has not faced anyone strong, they've now faced 11 of the 20 teams in the PL.

Pardew is receiving some acclaim but I look at teams he formerly coached, there is Charlton at the top of League I, not long ago, they were in the top flight. Likewise, Southampton just got promoted out of League I into the C-ship and not with Pardew at the helm. Both of these saw Pardew as the manager.  Still, I would suspect a top 6 finish for Newcastle just like Shearer says, even to number 5 making them qualify for the Europa league.

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BBC article on Everton, MUFC


I don't dislike Wayne Rooney at all but I hated it when he kissed his Man Utd. badge in the Everton Stadium, Goodison Park in front of the home crowd, The Scallies I think they call 'em.... and I've read a lot today, it seems this spring, Everton did beat Man Utd. at Everton. But, I think Everton lacks the kind of offensive power right now to keep up with Man Utd. We'll see. That's why there are upsets in the world of sport. You never know, we may see all kinds of surprises, 2 weeks this year have had big surprises.
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You've got to like the Wolves for one thing.

I'm looking at the starting selection, everyone is from the "home islands" or home nations, oh, an Irish coach but everyone is from over there, 11 of 11 starters, 1 Wales, 1 Scotland, 2 Ireland, the rest English. Blackpool had a lot of British/home nations, I don't know if they ever had every single starter homebased.


For the record, Swansea has close to the same chemistry of lineup here in this early game, Vorm, the Goalkeeper is a Dutchman, 1 Spaniard, 3 Welsh, the rest have the England flag.

Penalty or Freekick in the 33rd minute, Freekick the replay shows....Wolverhampton still might score. Nice try.

Good game, Wolves have been knocking on the door, Vorm has made at least 3 good saves.


Last week, I made some 2-2 draws, this week I'm thinking in making predictions, I have too many teams not even scoring 1 goal, meaning zero goals....I think that is probably wrong, I'll bet in this Wolves game, Wolverhampton will get a goal but Swansea might end up getting another too. Maybe the score is lopsided, I think it's been entertaining. Poor Mick McCarthy.

Utd.City early tomorrow morning should I be able to see it. QPR/CFC later on.

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John Barnes comes out and supports Luis Suarez

This was breaking, I know I've blogged a lot today but if anyone knew what being up against Racism was, it was Jamaican John Barnes when he played in Liverpool. I believe he even wrote a book about it, "out of my skin" or something similar. The interview makes you wonder about what Evra said about Suarez?


“Luis Suarez is fantastic but I wish it was not all about Gerrard and Suarez. Liverpol need a better squad so there is not too much focus on them because if Suarez suddenly gets injured and can’t play you have got a problem and Liverpool can’t win," Barnes told Goal.com.
Suarez is very important to the Reds as they are a bit lean with the big names and Gerrard has just returned.

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Marcus Hahnemann and Everton

Marcus Hahnemann is an American Goalkeeper who has spent a lot of time in England, I believe he was pulling down a lot of duty and doing well for Wolverhampton over the past few years. An interesting career, even playing for Fulham though he did not have many appearances. He is currently with Everton.

What is up with the Toffees? They received a questionable red card vs. Liverpool, that much is true. Still, I look at their current roster vs. that of a past squad and it seems they are lacking some potency. Some of those players have been there for quite a stint.

One thing I remember is that after Leeds' play vs. Man Utd. in the FA Cup, Everton got Jermaine Beckford, hero of one of the Leeds' matches but it looks like he is at Liecester City now and he has only 2 appearances with them this season. 8 goals in 34 appearances for Everton, sounds like Everton should not have let him go, now we know what might be part of their problem. Sounds like they need him!

Beckford's first game after the request was in the FA Cup 3rd Round, away to Leeds' great rivals Manchester United who were two divisions above the Yorkshire club. Leeds caused an upset by winning 1–0, with Beckford scoring the only goal.<sup id="cite_ref-19" class="reference">[20]</sup> This was the first time that Manchester United had been knocked out of a cup competition at the third round stage under the management of Alex Ferguson.[

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