Posted on: October 21, 2011 1:39 pm
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Coach Klinsmann, Salute to a Free Spirit!!

Juergen Klinsmann is a great German footballer, nothing will ever change that but he's always reflected being a free spirited kind of player and gosh, I guess a diver as well, which he kidded about. Still, Klinsy has been involved with charity, went to Israel on some sort of "goodwill mission", married a Chinese American, moved to America, moved to California and even in his playing days at least at the 1994 World Cup USA came off not totally unlike a rock star, I still have the video of Germany being eliminated in that tournament by Hristo Stoichkov and Bulgaria.

That's our Manager there: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_KEBtPmz0D
Must have been a cold day playing for Samdoria there, I doubt if he's wearing goalkeeper's gloves, I wanted to say Samdoria but that is a Bayern Munchen jersey isn't it,  one of a number of clubs he played for which of course, included a stint, perhaps 2 stints actually with the Spurs. It rarely surprises me that though he must love Germany, the Deutscheland, he sortof wanted to get out of there. I'm sure in the long run, things will work out for the USA under his reins and tutelage.

A free spirit and a free thinker, one time I ran into some German tourists here, we went to the Edelweiss German restuarant but they were a ball. One time, I bought something on German Ebay, I could not get the bank to wire the money over there for at least a low cost and the guy sent me the stuff from Germany still, an Addidas t-shirt, Beckenbauer, before the next day was over, I sent the $$ discreetly hidden in an envelope.

But that old German team from '86-+'94, an interesting team, maybe too much emphasis on winning and winning at all costs. Competitive nonetheless. How things have changed, prior to the 2006 World Cup, t-shirts were sold reading "Make way for the bad guys" in regards to the German team but that was a thing from the past, from the spitting incident between Riijkgaard and Voeller in 1990 to all of the many incidences the German team or more properly, the West German team had been involved in since becoming competitive but whose to judge it?? That Germany is certainly gone in the past. What did we see France do to make the World Cup in South Africa? Thierry Henry's handball against Ireland and then France went and were one of the worst teams there? The pressure is on the players. Though we aren't perfect in US Soccer, in no time soon are we going to see flying elbows that have got to be intentional or dives, at least on a grand scale, to advance or other like acts.

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