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Posted on: October 8, 2011 9:29 pm
Edited on: October 8, 2011 9:32 pm

Are you ready for some Ice Hockey!!!

Well, apparently, we see the NHL dropping the puck to a new season and what is this? The Sabres have already played and won 2?? And when Autumn roles around, I don't know why but French Canadian radio beams in and gets you in the mood for the game. So check your dial.

I was looking at the CBS picks: http://eye-on-hockey.blogs.cbssport

Some people pick the Bruins to repeat, the Bruins are a super team but in the end last year, barely got by, who else? The Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Add in the Capitols and really, I think the East is just too strong. I also think long suffering Maple Leafs fans will see their team return to the playoffs and the NJ Devils?? I will have to read up on them but if Jacques Lemaire is back, I would think they stand a good chance to make the playoffs as well. So, my sole prediction and I'm not even an Eastern Conference guy is that we will see the Maple Leafs in the playoffs, after all, about half the teams get in....

Blackhawks to go back to the Cup?? I'm not sure where they are getting these picks from, the Kings of LA may indeed make a run for it though. 

I offer no predictions, I only hope my teams, mainly the Wild obviously and the Canadiens can have a fairly good year, yeah, and I'd probably make Nashville my 3rd favorite team though in the end, I just love the story lines and the spectacle of the NHL, probably wish the new team in Winnipeg, the Jets luck as well. Poor SJ Sharks, that's a team I like and gee, it's easy to feel discouraged about them when year in and year out, they play well during the season but can't get to the final and Vancouver? A better team beat them in the playoffs.

And the Red Wings, hey, I see those red uniforms and that is what the NHL and Ice hockey is about however, I was happy when they won their first cup or two in the '90s but I tend to like underdog teams, I'm rarely a bandwagon jumper.

But Cheers! To your team winning, I listened to St. Louis Blues hockey growing up out of the flagship, KMOX, I've got sympathy for most of the teams out there including the Blue Jackets, too many teams, that may never win the Stanley Cup including my Wild.
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