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Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:14 am

UEFA Playoff Fixtures


Seeded Ireland vs Estonia , okay, no one should be overly confident but that's realistically probably better than facing Turkey or Bosnia or in fact, Montenegro.  We all know, last time in the World Cup playoffs, Ireland played France.

Seeded Portugal vs. Bosnia Hercogovina

Seeded Czech Republic vs. Montenegro and lastly

Seeded Croatia vs. Turkey.

In the end, anyone can win these. I believe in the group with Italy, Slovenia, Serbia and Estonia, one of the Italy Serbia games was given to Italy since Serbia's fans acted as a bunch of idiots... but Estonia played Serbia 2 games additionally so Estonia comes out ahead.

Montenegro is a good team as we saw them draw England.

There are too many good teams in Europe now, I will be glad when the 24 team format comes out in 2016.

Good luck to all teams.
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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:57 am
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How I'd rank the teams playing for Euro Cup '12 s

This is where it get's interesting, to the meet of the matter and acknowledging that the final places will be determined by the playoffs next month, the dust has not settled yet. This is just ranking the European teams.


1. Germany, better than their World Cup form. I have to believe they are overwhelming favorites for me at least to take the next Euro. I don't believe any teams are even playing close to them right now.
2. Spain, the World champions but not without chinks in the armor.
3. Netherlands, runnersup, it made sense to me that Sweden could defeat Netherlands in the qualifier seeing how the Dutch only defeated Moldova by a goal last Friday, they do seem to be at a bit of a lull.
4. Italy, the Azzurri are definitely in an upswing now.
5. Portugal, they have to go through the playoff process and did lose to Denmark away, Denmark is a team Portugal recently has had problems with and not just during this qualifying cycle.

The rest of the rankings are rather academic but could probably go like this: 

6. England , Capello's not a bad guy but I don't think he'll do anything for them, if Allardyce were in there, I think England might have a chance to win this Euro Cup or be in the Final Four, Capello is too dadburn drab.
7. Sweden, this team is always about England's equal, they play draws, England too has gotten quite a few draws with Netherlands but Netherlands obviously has been a hot team.
8. Greece
9. Croatia
10. Russia, Russia and Croatia might be able to impact this tournament as both have done in recent years at "major trophy" tournaments.
11. Ireland http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/fo
 analysis on the Boys in Green. Ireland to sneak in and be champs?? Let's win the playoffs first... go downtown to watch the games in Irish or Brit bars?? Maybe???
12. France
13. Denmark
14. Montenegro
15 Bosnia
16. Estonia
17. Czech Republic
18. Turkey
Host Countries: 19. Poland 20. Ukraine.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 10:44 pm

Euro Cup Qualifying Update

It's late and I'm tired but I do need to talk about the Euro Cup qualifications for a moment.

Concerning qualifying for the Euro Cup and just to make the playoffs, Scotland has to defeat Spain Tuesday, Belgium has to defeat Germany, that is just to get into the playoffs vs. other 2nd place teams and both matches are away for Scotland and Belgium. Is there a chance even one of them can win???

First off though, Scotland to have that chance must be Liechtenstein away on Saturday, I would think that is probable. That is group I, why does it seem that the last groups always have either Scotland, Netherlands or Spain? Must be a coincidence. And England, France and Italy seem to always be in the middle and Germany in one of the first groups?

Austria stuffed Azerbaijan royally today, about 4-1, Belgium drew Azerbaijan, Turkey plays them on Tuesday...and I would think would whip them.... and Turkey will be playing at home.

Here are the groups at the moment: http://www.soccerway.com/internatio

In group E, Hungary and Sweden are in a dogfight as well. Sweden plays at Netherlands, Netherlands has a perfect record, has qualified and barely defeated a weak Moldova team today. Hungary will play the Fins. Sweden won at Finland 1-2.

Greece won the group F showdown vs. Croatia, 2-0.

Wales, man, if the tournament was starting now, I'd think Wales would have a good shot to advance but they started too late. Wales defeated Switzerland today and defeated Montenegro last month. This was after sacking their coach. Of course, at Wembley, England only defeated them by 1-0 last month too. Speaking of England, I didn't see it but heard Wazza, Wayne Rooney got a red card allowing Montenegro, granted a good team to come back and make that game a draw 2-2. The game may have been in Montenegro though while the Wales/Montenegro game was in Wales.

Group C. isn't quite decided either, Slovenia, eliminated will end up playing Serbia. Both countries part of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, the game is in Slovenia. I will go with the Slovenes to win this. I believe though Serbia drew the Italians today, the first Serbia/Italy match was abandoned and given to Italy because the Serbian fans were being a bunch of idiots. I'm sure the Serb players are nice guys but the hooligans of Serbia are rather atrocious. Let's hope we don't see Hooligan fights in Poland/Ukraine as at least Poland is known to have hooligan problems of their own as well.

And speaking of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, it looks like Bosnia Hercogovina has qualified for the playoff rounds. I will see the matchups at a future date, the teams play two games against each other, home and away.

Well, my order is a bit out of kilter in speaking about the groups but Ireland and Armenia, yes, Armenia battle for second in group B. Ireland hosts Armenia Tuesday, so though I'd kind of like to see Ireland win it, hats off to Armenia for making it this far and if they win, they'd win the 2nd place of that group while if Ireland wins, they are in 2nd in all likelihood since first place Russia hosts minnows Andorra. Again, consult the tables for all possibilities.

Lastly, in group H, Denmark and Portugal square off while Norway plays Cyprus. Denmark currently has 16 points, Portugal and Norway have 13 so Portugal needs to assure advancing by winning it would seem to me. Denmark not too long ago I believe pulled off the upset of Portugal in Lisbon, that may have been a World Cup qualifier for the last World Cup.

So, this is a run down on the action, much to be decided on Tuesday.

Slovakia who did rather well at the World Cup last time, fail to qualify. I watch one of their players for Napoli I believe. But it is competitive out there.

I'm a Belgium fan, no, it's not in my ancestry but I grew up seeing the Belgium team do well in quite a few tournaments but always the big underdog. That's exactly what they will be this Tuesday. Fellaini from Everton plays for Belgium, I think he's been match fit to play for them though last year was suffering from an injury.

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