Posted on: November 12, 2011 11:14 pm
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Keep Lamps at Captain!

Hey, truly, Spain may have dominated but as they say, at least they didn't look like a bunch of guys playing for the first time with each other in the way they would pass it back and forth and there is truth to that when the team had the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, no mistake, Gerrard has contributed in some key England wins over the years but I think this team today gelled and this was but one game, there was some good passing out there and honestly, Rooney can be a liability with his play, great for Man Utd., not much for England. Experimental team but it can be tweaked but in the right direction not back to the old guard.

To other news stories, first off, Redknapp had his heart scare? Poor Harry, I'd pray for him but now, this is heavy stuff about the tax court.

The indictment reads: "Mandaric and Redknapp, between 1 April 2002 and 28 November 2007, with intent to defraud and to the prejudice of HM Revenue and Customs, arranged for $145,000, paid by Mandaric as a result of or in connection with Redknapp's employment and as a reward for services, to be transferred to a Monaco bank account opened by Redknapp for that purpose, in order to conceal the said emolument from HM Revenue and Customs and evade the payment of income tax and national insurance contributions thereon (whether by the operation of PAYE by the club or otherwise)."

Much more at the article.

This sounds really serious... you've got to think maybe Redknapp's heart problems might be related to this.

I know a lot of people would disagree but I like Allardyce, I think he could coach England, more heart problems, so then? After Fabio leaves, who might come in??

And back to the 3 Lions, this team today did well enough and as stories say, Spain did have the better attack, all of their big guns were out there, Villa, Fabregas, Mata, everyone. The problem is if Lamps is made permanent Captain and the rest of this team were to stay as is, you'd have those saying "well, where's Rooney?, where's Gerrard?" and on and on. It does present a problem and if they failed, they'd blame it on Capello.

England play again Tuesday versus Sweden, a team who historically, they have a number of draws with. It would not surprise me to see a John Terry Captained England team again, draw Sweden. However, if England can score, obviously, Hart in goal has to be about as good as any goalkeeper in the world today. He made some splendid saves.


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