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Okay, it's one thing when the police are looking at what you did and according to the Daily Mail, the Police want Terry charged. Okay, the DM has been wrong before as in the stories about Roy Keane going to manage Leicester. A few other news sources said this as well and this has proved to be false.<br /><br />But what is this story?
rys-brother.html</a> A footballer hung himself the story says because Terry's brother had an affair with his fiancee? I'm sorry for this tragedy but it really makes you wonder.<br /><br />

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Dynamo would be a mega upset.


Here are my PL picks, I was reading the Spanish news and I think it sent my computer into overload though some good games over there as well.

We are finishing a 2 week break so surely, some of these teams will be rested and raring to go.

Norwich Arsenal 2 2

Everton Wolverhampton 0 4

Manchester City Newcastle 2 2 I don't really like the Magpies, don't hate them either. One of the next 3 they will probably lose but they are not pushovers, that said, they should have done better against Wigan at home, they only scored in the 80th to win 1-0 at home

StokeCity QPR 1 0 Stoke City better start getting something, I'm fed up with them per league form.

Sunderland Fulham 1 1

West Brom Bolton 1 1

Wigan Blackburn 2 3

Swansea Manchester United 2 0

Chelsea Liverpool 2 1

Tottenham Aston Villa 2 0

Galaxy Dynamo

LA are such favorites, I think I will be cheering on Houston though I really didn't want to, they have won 2 championships in the past 6 years, I think it goes:

2010 Colo.

2009 RSL

2008 Crew

2007 Dynamo

2006 Dynamo

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Suarez charged by FA.

You might be able to say this in a Spanish speaking country but to say this to a stranger from a non-Spanish speaking country would seem to intimidate someone if said repeatedly. Say it to a team mate, maybe, say it to a foe? Probably not.
Here you can see what he 'probably' said and Spanish speakers might understand this.

Here the Guardian reports on the charge:
Breaking news.

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I see now, a few months ago, a Welsh fan was killed before the England/Wales game and from reading the Daily Mail, an England fan, this is the way the newspaper's story runs, killed the Welsh fan, it may have been a fight at first but nonetheless, that is the story.

How tragic, about 2-3 years ago, a French fan got killed in Serbia and it was easy to look down at the Serbians, Eastern Europeans.

The difference in this is, the Serbian violence can most likely be called hooliganism, this before the game at Wembley? Yes, probably hooliganism but it hasn't really been written up much in the press. One wonders why? Truly a sad situation.

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Teams now decided for the Euro Cup

BREAKING: I'm trying to sort out the Spanish Newspaper but they are already sketching out some groups for the Euro Cup. I don't know if these are accurate.

Oh, and by the way, Spain drew Costa Rica at Costa Rica. Spain had to score twice in the last 10 minutes, 2-2 draw in Central America. "Villa evita ridiculo de total", Villa (the player) avoids ridicule for all, perhaps he scored the two goals.

MARCA has: Repesca (okay, I'll get the dictionary out later, must be PREVIEW) of the Euro Copa:

These are the pots drawn from and then the groups will be made.

Pot 1: Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands.
Pot 2: Germany, Italy, England, Russia
Pot 3: Croatia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece
Pot 4: Denmark, France, Ireland, Czech Republic

So, these must be the pots from which the draws are made.

One wonders why Marca opines on how Spain could get into a "group of death", also, it appears "Pot 2" is much more stronger than the other groups.

Okay, my original post was too long.

So, the process will go, group A. Spain, then a pick from pot 2, maybe England or Germany (Alemania) for example and using the Marca's example of how Group A could be a group of death, a pick from pot 3, Portugal as an example again from Marca and lastly, from pot 4, France.

It is possible that Germany might not find Poland to be the most hospitable country but Germany was hospitable largely to all the countries that went there in 2006 so this might not be a problem.

It seems Germany is clearly the best team around but you never know, a Portugal, Spain or other team might be able to defeat them, even a Denmark or Ireland.

And for example, Ireland in Pot 4 would be paired with 1 country from pots 1, 2 and 3 so they could be in a group that looks like this for exampe:

Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ireland. That looks about as easy as a group can be. So, all of these groups should be difficult especially since every country in pot 2 is fairly good. I'm not sure how they determine it.

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Ah, in 2006, I watched with some Portuguese fans, Portugal crash out from the World Cup against France, a game France deserved to win but I'm not so sure about France's prior game vs. Spain but France played well enough to win the final vs. Italy which ended in a penalty shootout.

Interestingly, I believe both times in recent memory, Denmark has been able to defeat Portugal, win their group and Portugal has been forced to play in the playoffs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina played Portugal in the unlucky play-off contest having hit woodwork three times (Ibričić, Džeko, Muslimović) in the first game, and eventually bowed out losing both games by single goal. Portugal was the only team from UEFA play-offs to reach knock-out stage of FIFA World Cup 2010, losing to the eventual World Cup Champions Spain, which shows how difficult opponent it was for Bosnia and Herzegovina to take on in the play-offs.-

Fastforward to 2010, Portuguese fans will tell you somehow that Spain dived to win that game, though both countries share the Iberian peninsula, I did not expect much bitterness.

Now, here we have Bosnia whom Portugal once before recently already denied advancement to a major tournament, at home, Portugal has to be favored BUT.... it's important that we have that "away goal" rule in place, so it would seem if Bosnia can score at least one goal, Portugal likewise has to score and in this case of BiH scoring one goal, Portugal would have to score at least 2 to advance.

So, I think the stage is set, Portugal famously has fans around the world in support of their team and the number of stars it has had in recent years, Figo, Deco and of course, Ronaldo among others.. Dedicated website to the Portugal team.

I'm mixed here, I honestly think this can go either way. In fact, I have a funny feeling Bosnia can nick it.

Obviously, in the other games, Ireland should finish off Estonia, playing at home and Croatia is not going to lose at home with their 3 goals to zero advantage. The Czechs play in Montenegro and Czech Rep. lead with two goals to none and will have Peter Cech in goal. Though the Czechs seem to lack the offensive flash Nedved gave them, the Czechs seem to usually be able to put up a good defense. Let's not forget I believe with Rooney's red card in the Montenegro England game, that Montenegro in fact, did come back to draw that game. So, this one seems even as well, Montenegro could possibly take it given the lackluster performances the Czechs have often had.

I don't mind the Czech team but it has been a few years since they've really had a fine performance in a major tourney, we the USA played them in '06 and memorably lost our first group stage game to them, 3-1 I think and were immediately behind the eight ball but likewise, the Czech team could do nothing in their final two games and were left behind in the group as well.

Surely, it is a formality and following custom that the LA Galaxy has requested Robbie Keane to come back from the Euro qualifiers to the Galaxy.
That won't happen but as I said, I think if Keane is healthy coming back to play in the MLS Championship this weekend, the Galaxy will win. Otherwise, Houston Dynamo may well be able to take it.

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England Sweden, Draw I think.

England has an advantage, playing these games at home.

Historically, I've seen the figures before head to head, it's rather equal, many draws so without further elaboration, I'd predict a draw again. They are friendlies afterall and the two teams may meet again in the Euro Cup. I really think Sweden wants to get off the floor of a rather long downtime in International play for them at least. Hey, Norway has played in a recent World Cup. Denmark? They were in South Africa and they will be in Poland/Ukraine so the Scandinavians do fairly well in football.

In fact, check head to head, it's actually been decades since England defeated Sweden! Eh, 1923? England beat Sweden, surely a number of times subsequent to that. I'd seen the head to head going back to 1969 and Sweden often played England evenly.

In fact, I'm not sure how far the soccerway info goes back but at least since 1988, England has not defeated Sweden, 10 games, Sweden has won 3 times, the rest draws. So, those thinking England will walk this....?? We do need to consider though that Sweden lost to Denmark Friday in a friendly and probably won't be highly inspired to win this one either. In fact, comparatively, USA does just as well vs. Sweden but that is without the major trophy tournaments for the most part.  I don't readily see where we have played Sweden in the World Cup yet, check it out, historically, we, the USA, have faced Italy a number of times.

I'll stick with a draw and if that happens, expectations for the 3 Lions come back down to earth.

Interestingly, check out the history of USA soccer, Sweden was our 1st International that was NOT against Canada. . "Soccer in a football world", one of the best soccer books out there and that is about the history of the sport in the US makes this clear, 1916 basically saw the USA's first international soccer match and it was against Sweden. We did play Canada twice back in the 1880s.


The other game we will be watching the result for, USA plays Slovenia.

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Quite a site, the new stadium Ireland has built to replace the old Lansdowne Road ground:
additional info here:
in Ireland of course. I did see the old Lansdowne Road stadium too and it was handsome if a bit old timey looking.

Another nice one is old Saltergate stadium, the Recreation Ground that was used in the movie "The Damned United",
ate.htm ,
used by Chesterfield for years, used in the movie since it was like the old Football grounds. It appears Chesterfield has now moved into a modern stadium.

Chesterfield F.C.'s Saltergate stood in for Wembley Stadium, the Baseball Ground, Carrow Road, and Bloomfield Road. Saltergate was chosen because it had not had any significant modifications since the 1970s, though some repainting work was done by the production team to differentiate the grounds from each other.-
Except for the roofs, I've been to a few old stadiums here in the US as well that might work, often concrete monstrosities.

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